Meet The Team

Khaled Medwest Health Care

Khaled Ebrahim - Clinical Manager 

Khal is the man behind Medwest , when he's not finding ways to improve and optimise our services, you'll catch him at his boxing classes or smiling around the office. Also with his strong and experienced background as a physio, don't be suprised if you see him treating patients in our clinic and helping out at one of our many facilities. 

Emma Medwest Health Care

Emma Patterson - general Manager 

Emma has been with Medwest since its humble beginnings.  Emma believes that it’s important to do something that makes you want to get out of bed each day, and we couldn't agree more! When Emma’s not in the office or on the road visiting staff and facilities, she spends time with her three children, friends and heads to the beach.   

Yousuf Medwest Health Care

Yousuf SYED - Clinical Manager (physio)

Yousuf decided join the team to inspire and mentor other Physios, and with his extensive background knowledge on the field, he's the right man for the job. When he's not out on the road or in the office, Yousuf enjoys spending time with his young daughter and watching tennis. 

Tristan Medwest Health Care

Tristan Bate - PODIATRIST 

Tristan is our number one podiatrist and he's being helping the locals of Keilor and beyond put their right foot first for over a year now.  Unsurprisingly he likes to keep on his feet when out of work by playing golf, tennis, walking and enjoying delicious food and wine.

Alexandra Medwest Health Care

Alexandra B - Occupational Therapist

Alex has always been passionate about helping people who couldn’t help themselves and making a big difference in peoples lives. In her spare time she enjoys singing, playing guitar and going on amazing adventures with her awesome husband.  


Sunny Medwest Health Care

Sunny Kumar - physiotherapist

Sunny's passion for Physiotherapy is evident in his approach to his work. Sunny believes that patience and persistence is the key to a happy life and when he’s not helping others, he's playing cricket, FIFA or binging on Netflix documentaries. 

Susan Medwest Health Care

Susan McCormick  - Physiotherapist

Susan here has been with us for a lifetime and is as in demand as ever. Her passion for the human body led her to where she is today. Susan loves the outdoors, so don’t be surprised to catch her hiking, bike riding and even playing basketball with her 3 kids. 

Eric Medwest Health Care

Eric Suh - exercise physiologist 

Eric aims to empower clients with self-management strategies for independent health care.  Eric stresses the importance of keeping active and listening to you body. He is practices what he preaches by being a bit of a sporting legend playing soccer, tennis and golf.

Amarjot Medwest Health Care

Amarjot Kaur - Physiotherapist 

Helping people improve their quality of life is the main reason Amar became a Physio. With a genuine interest in the field and a passion for knowledge, Amarjot spends a lot of her spare time finding and reading research papers


Taylor Medwest Health Care

Taylor Crotch - Occupational Therapist 

Taylor here witnessed how much her grandmas quality of life imporved after being treated by an OT and decided that was the path she was going to take. Taylor also takes the active path by keeping fit and spending time with friends and family. 

Young Medwest Health Care

Young Leon - Physiotherapist 

This is Young, he's been with us for over 3 years. He decided to become a Physiotherapist to help people but when he's not on the job, he dedicates his skills to looking after his two pugs. 

Akina Medwest Health Care

Akina Lim - Physiotherapist 

Akina been with us for over 2  years and aims to contribute positively to the lives of others. This Physio powerhouse spends her spare time in the great outdoors, travelling, baking, and hanging out with close family and friends. 

Samantha Medwest Health Care


Samantha’s been with us for 3 years and started in her field out of a passion to help those in rehabilitation and get them to good health. She believes its important to follow you dreams and live life to the fullest. When not treating patients you’ll find her out and about with her dog, running or planning her next holiday! 

Jason Medwest Health Care

Jaesong Sim - Physiotherapist

Meet "Jason", he’s been working his Medwest charm for almost 2 years and became a physio to help people both mentally and physically. Jason keeps active out of work by playing basketball, tennis and even dabbling in a bit of karaoke!

Mary M  Medwest Health Care

Mary Mitrovic - Receptionist 

Mary here has been with us for almost a year and  when Mary’s not happily greeting and meeting patients she leads an active lifestyle, which includes bike riding, reading, spending time with her family. 

Vineet Medwest Health Care


Vineet chose to become a physio as that where he is from,  it is believed to improve life expectancy and quality of life. When he’s not in the improving the quality of life of those he treats, he's reading swimming, hitting the gym and listening to podcasts.


James Watts Medwest Health Care

James Watts - Digital Marketing Manager

James here is a strong supporter of positive wellbeing and is the man behind many of our social pages, communications and website. James spends his spare time volunteering and working on one of his cars.

Chirag Medwest Health Care


Chirag decided to become a physio to help mobilise people without the need of medication. When he’s not working he’s playing Aussie rules football, going to the gym and listening to music.

Guninder Medwest Health Care

Guninder Malhi - Physiotherapist 

Guninder is a passionate Physio who is relatively new to the team.  She became a Physio out of love for the profession and to communicate and help those in need. Guninder believes its important to enjoy and respect what you do, and this shows with her countless hours of research into her craft.

Shashank Medwest Health Care


Shashank became a Physio to help and serve the needy with his knowledge and skills, allowing them to lead a better life.  Shashank believes its import to be humble and when not working is reading, playing guitar and listening to music.