Meet The Team


Tristan Bate - PODIATRIST 

Tristan is our number one Podiatrist and he's being helping the locals of Keilor and beyond put their right foot first for over a year now.  Unsurprisingly he likes to keep on his feet when out of work by playing golf, tennis, walking and enjoying delicious food and wine. Book here!

Amarjot Medwest Health Care

Amarjot Kaur - Physiotherapist 

Helping people improve their quality of life is the main reason Amar became a Physio. With a genuine interest in the field and a passion for knowledge, Amarjot spends a lot of her spare time finding and reading research papers


Akina Medwest Health Care

Akina Lim - Physiotherapist 

Akina been with us for over 2  years and aims to contribute positively to the lives of others. This Physio powerhouse spends her spare time in the great outdoors, travelling, baking, and hanging out with close family and friends. 


YoNGMIN JIN - Physiotherapist 

This is Young, he's been with us for over 3 years. He decided to become a Physiotherapist to help people but when he's not on the job, he dedicates his skills to looking after his two pugs. Book here!


Ankit Gadkari- physiotherapist

Ankit here started his studies in science, before realising his true passion as a physiotherapist. Although a recent addition to the team, he is one of our patients favourite with his unbridled knowledge of his field.  When he’s not assisting others, he is usually involved with his second passion, playing video games! 

Vineet Medwest Health Care


Vineet chose to become a physio as that where he is from,  it is believed to improve life expectancy and quality of life. When he’s not in the improving the quality of life of those he treats, he's reading swimming, hitting the gym and listening to podcasts.



Emma Jane-Wright - Director

Emma here is the women behind what you see today. With unwavering dedication to making sure the business is running at it’s best, as well as being a full time mother of two, there isn’t much Emma can’t do.

IMG_0159 (1).JPG

Ronnie Bateman - Clinical Manager 

Ronnie comes to us from a background as a fully qualified Physio and Podiatrist. He chose these fields to obtain a more holistic and inter-disciplinary approach to assessment and pain management. When he’s not in the office he is baking sourdough good enough for birds to eat!

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Melissa Peter - Physiotherapist

Melissa is one of our newest recruits and became a Physio due to her postive experiences in a rehab when she was in high school. Melissa says it’s important to never give up and she sure doesn’t when it comes to cooking and playing darts.


Khaled Ebrahim - Clinical Manager 

Khal has worked for Medwest since it's humble beginnings and has over 20 years of experience in musculoskeletal Physiotherapy and sports injuries. You will often see him treating patients in our clinic or helping out at one of our many facilities. Book here!

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Sarah Bahadorian - Physiotherapist

Sarah became a Physio as she was passionate about finding ways to positively help others. Her hobbies outside of the clinic involve getting active outdoors by hiking and even dabbling in yoga. Book here!

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Bao NGO - Accounts Manager

Bao here landed in accounting due to her natural talent with numbers. Bao suggests it's important to spend less than you earn and when she’s not keeping Medwest ticking over, you can catch Bao cooking up a storm or even hitting up her nearest go kart track.

Samantha Medwest Health Care


Samantha’s been with us for 3 years and started in her field out of a passion to help those in rehabilitation and get them to good health. She believes its important to follow you dreams and live life to the fullest. When not treating patients you’ll find her out and about with her dog, running or planning her next holiday! 

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Ann Burdett - Receptionist

Ann joined the Medwest team due to the culture and the quality of the people working with us. Ann says it’s important to stay true to yourself, and when not greeting patients and helping staff, she is hitting the gym and spending time with her two dogs.

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Mohsen Abozeid - Physiotherapist

Mohsen was a natural fit to the Medwest family with his passion for his craft and genuine compassion for each and every patient he treats. He became a Physio to help people regain their independence and return to normal life. When he’s not giving back peoples confidence and freedom to move, he is bike riding, reading and enjoying the company of his young baby.

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liridon Shaqiri - Accounts Manager

Liridon here is one of our newest recruits to the team. He delved into the world of accounting with his natural passion for numbers and maths. When he’s not working in the office, you can catch him setting records at the gym and dabbling in a movie or two with friends.

Alexandra Medwest Health Care

Alexandra B - Occupational Therapist

Alex has always been passionate about helping people who couldn’t help themselves and making a big difference in peoples lives. In her spare time she enjoys singing, playing guitar and going on amazing adventures with her awesome husband.  


Feride Orman.jpeg

Feride Orman - Physiotherapist

Feride became a Physiotherapist to help others and have a meaningful impact on their lives.  Feride understands the importance of human connection, which would explain why she is one of our brightest Physio’s. When she’s not at work, you can find here hiking in nature and traveling.

Taylor Medwest Health Care

Taylor Crotch - Occupational Therapist 

Taylor here witnessed how much her grandmas quality of life imporved after being treated by an OT and decided that was the path she was going to take. Taylor also takes the active path by keeping fit and spending time with friends and family. 

James Watts Medwest Health Care

James Watts - Digital Marketing Manager

James here is a strong supporter of positive wellbeing and is the man behind everything digital and advertising. James spends his spare time volunteering and working on his cars.