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Fighting Back Against Knee Pain

Knee pain doesn’t just discriminate against retirees; it is known hinder people of all ages. Over 30,000 Aussies undergo knee replacement surgery, with many more experiencing pain and discomfort in the area. With those numbers in mind, there are good odds you’ll run into knee problems at some point of your life, especially if you are active or involved in sport in anyway. So what can you do if you start suffering from knee pain?

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Muscle Cramps And How To Treat Them

We all know the the feeling of a painful cramp – whether its woken you up in the middle of the night or cut your run short. A cramp is essentially an involuntary contraction of our skeletal muscle, and it bloody hurts! Some people often experience cramps after vigorous, high-intensity exercise, but there are also many who experience them with no exercise at, and these can occur mostly at night. 

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