Boost Happiness and Beat Stress

While stress can be useful at times, it is important to manage it well, particularly in the face of pain disorders. An inability to manage stress may be contributing to the level of pain being experienced, so at Medwest Health Care we will often ask questions regarding the level of stress our patients are experiencing and whether they feel that their pain is made worse when their stress levels are high.

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Understanding Runners Knee

Runner’s Knee is more formally known as Chondromalacia Patellae or Patellofemoral Syndrome. This is essentially is the break down of cartilage, either over the surface of the patella or the femur. Similar to arthritis, wear and tear causes the cartilage to break down, however the main difference with Chondromalacia is that it is not an ageing process, but rather a change in the integrity (or ‘structure’) of the cartilage from the pressure of load.

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James Watts
Fighting Back Against Knee Pain

Knee pain doesn’t just discriminate against retirees; it is known hinder people of all ages. Over 30,000 Aussies undergo knee replacement surgery, with many more experiencing pain and discomfort in the area. With those numbers in mind, there are good odds you’ll run into knee problems at some point of your life, especially if you are active or involved in sport in anyway. So what can you do if you start suffering from knee pain?

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